At Spry we teach Kanban

Learn how to improve transparency, become less reactionary and more anticipatory,
less chaotic and more explainable.

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Certification Roadmap

Our training is accredited through the Kanban University.


Certification Roadmap

Our training is accredited through the Kanban University.

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Kanban Systems Design

KMP1 attendees will learn how to design a Kanban system, how to measure flow, what a pull system is and how to use their Kanban System to deliver a better service.

17-18 Feb

16-17 Mar

2-3 June

22-23 Jun

Kanban Systems Improvement

KMP2 attendees will understand how to improve their service delivery with effective feedback loops, how to balance their demand and capability and make wiser data driven decisions.

10-11 Nov

25-26 May ’21

24-25 Aug ’21


We offer Kanban Training accredited through the Kanban University – The home of Kanban for Knowledge workers.


We become part of our client’s system and guide them through evolutionary change that is less disruptive while focusing on service delivery.

Tools Partnerships

We partner with Kanbanize, Nave and SwiftKanban to assist teams and organizations to make data driven decisions and drive improvements.

“I recently had the privilege of attending KANBAN training facilitated by SPRY – what an amazing session. This is someone that has a passion for value-delivery and using “off-the-beaten-track” methods to get there.”

Johan Swanevelder
Agile Consultant

Motivation for the Kanban Method (The Kanban Agendas)


Line-Level, Individual Contributors

  • Relief from overburdening
  • Produce better quality
  • Take a professional pride in their work & customer satisfaction

Service Orientation

Mid-Level Management

  • Up-managing – answer the hard questions with confidence
  • Down-managing – make difficult decisions with confidence
  • Reliable, predictable, faster delivery service


Senior-Level Management

  • Make promises we can keep
  • Lead the business (strategy, positioning)

Berto Coetsee

Your Trainer

Berto studied Computer Systems Engineering. Most of his engineering career he spent in security – Access Control and Time & Attendance as well as low level programming – PLC’s. He then transitioned into Project Management where he had his first exposure to Agile practices in Vehicle tracking.

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