About Spry

Spry’s vision is to assist teams and organisations on their transformation journey. We aim to do this through evolutionary changes that is fit for purpose respecting current roles and responsibilities as well as processes. Change is hard and through our interactive practical Scrum and Lean Kanban training we aim to give organisations and teams what they need to start where they’re at and evolve from there.

Consulting / Coaching

Spry Agility consults with various sized organisations that have become aware of the importance of being more responsive to the rapidly changing business environment. Agility and the ability to adapt your organisation is the key to a successful business in today’s changing world.

Spry Agility’s approach is based on coaching and the employment of result driven methods namely Scrum and Kanban. We will also help you to implement tried and tested techniques to develop and manage your organisation, improving efficiency and transparency throughout the company.

It is important to note that our strategy requires commitment from the whole team, management and lower level employees, in order to reach the organisation’s full potential. Change within a company’s culture is not always easy, but long term commitment will show the desired results.

Our coaching strategy will ultimately begin with upper management and company leaders, which is required in order to drive and motivate the initiative. Once senior management has a good grasp of the programme, and understand the importance of committing to the change in leadership style, we will work to empower lower level teams. This management style will help to improve processes, time efficiency, products they deliver, and can even be applied to their daily lives.

We believe that every organisation possesses the ability to become agile, and that this approach will help to achieve a successful business management strategy. Spry Agility will provide your organisation with the tools and knowledge needed to reach success – it depends on the organisation whether they choose to implement the solution and stay committed. Our coaching and consulting methods have shown great success for companies across the world. Once the strategy has been adopted as the way forward in the organisation, improvements will become even more visible.

Let Spry Agility coach your organisation during your transition to agility, so that your company and team members can reach their full potential.

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