Kanban Management Professional – KMP2

KMPII is a continuation of the foundations laid in KMPI. This very exciting 2 day hands on course follows the Official Material from the Lean Kanban University.

The course is filled with hands on exercises and collaboration that will help you setup a fit for purpose Kanban Method within your organisation. By focusing on some complexities in your organisation such as growing an agile environment at scale.

KMPII will provide you with the necessary tools and strategies to setup the relevant feedback loops and cadences and to sustain evolutionary change in your organisation.

Day 1:

  • Exploring motivations for the Kanban method
  • Five forms and benefits of proto Kanban addressing multi-tasking
  • Definition of the Kanban Method.
  • Defining your enterprise as a set of services creating a service orientation paradigm
  • Scaling Kanban out across the organisation and Scaling principles
  • Emerging Kanban Roles
  • Implement feedback loops that will improve service delivery, commitment and replenishment

Day 2:

  • Applying cadences by using the Kanban Method organisational feedback loops
    • Operations Review
    • Service delivery review
    • Risk Review
  • Models to identify improvement opportunities
  • Management of strategies that will improve capabilities
    • Remove delays, Reduce variability, Manage Bottlenecks, Improve economic cost
  • Evolutionary vs managed change
  • Identifying improvement opportunities
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