Scrum Training

The 2 day Scrum Boot camp is an action pact mix of Scrum theory combined with many practical illustrations that will assist an individual to apply the concepts immediately when they return to the workplace.

The practical exercises and role-play presents many coaching opportunities allowing for close to real life experiences.


Agile Manifesto and Principles

Empirical Process Control vs Defined Process Control and Self Organisation

Scrum Values

Scrum Framework

Scrum Roles and Rules

Scrum Events (Planning, Grooming/Refinement, Daily Scrum/Stand-up, Review and Retrospective)

ROI Cost of Delay and Context Switching

Lean Concepts

Scrum Artefacts


Estimating/Relative Sizing/Story Points

The Heartbeat of Scrum – Iterative and Incremental

Practical:  Role play of the different Scrum roles, practicing the Scrum Events and Artefacts


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